2008 Annual Academic Meeting of Automatic Control Council of Chinese Society of Toxicology, co-sponsored by NCEPU, was held in Changsha.

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Recently, 2008 Annual Academic Meeting of Automatic Control Council of Chinese Society of Toxicology, sponsored by Automatic Control Council of Chinese Society of Toxicology was held in Changsha Hunan Province with North China Electric Power University (NCEPU), Harbin Institute of Technology, Power Equipment Research Institute (SPERI), Techweb of Chinese Power as the co-sponsors. More than 320 Experts, scholars and technicians from various universities, colleges, research institutes, power groups, power companies and control equipments manufacturing enterprises took part in the meeting. Six professors including Professor Liu Jizhen, Niu Yuguang, Yao Kaiwen and etc. from NCEPU presented the meeting and reported their papers.

    Liu Jizhen, President of NCEPU, deputy council director of Chinese Society of Toxicology, is the chairman of this meeting. Mr. Liu delivered the keynote speech of “To promote technical information progress of power plant through enforcing communicative cooperation and improving application ability”. Focusing on the upsizing and diversification of power production and the requirements of localization of large equipment and energy conservation and emission reduction, the speech illustrated the core contents and key techniques under the situation of power plant automation and information. Playing a far more important role in joint-undertaking national projects, solving theoretical and technical problems and making advanced applicable technical specifications were suggested by Mr.Liu.

    The meeting got wide supports from all fields and 150 papers were contributed, among which 110 papers representing recent research achievements were included in the memoir and presented in the main venue and branch meeting rooms. The meeting also invited famous experts from automatic control field and advanced technical directors with rich design, operation and adjustment experience to answer questions.

    The meeting selected 8 extraordinary papers and awarded the writers. This meeting has reached a new level from aspects of scale, paper quality, and communicative effect. Chinese Society of Toxicology will summarize the meeting experience and continue to construct a platform, increase the influence and promote the communication to serve for the power plant automation and information from all rounds.

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