Vice President of Suze Canal University Paid a Visit to NCEPU

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Vice President of Suez Canal University Ali paid a visit to NCEPU on Dec. 11, 2008, along with Malik, CEO of Best Group International, a multinational company. Yang Yongping, vice president of NCEPU, Liu Yongqian and Wu Yanjun, director and deputy director of International Cooperation Department, NCEPU, met with the guests.


    During the meeting, vice president Yang reviewed their friendly cooperation on student cultivation since the establishment of the Confucius College, Suez Canal University. The two sides undertook a deep discussion upon taking a further step to build the New Energy Resource Innovation Center, hold academic symposium and product show, and organize student summer communication camp. They both expressed their hope to enable students to perceive the magnificence of each other’s country and experience the unique cultures of China and Egypt.


    Vice President Ali said that he hoped to drive further cooperation with NCEPU on international cooperation projects such as short-term language class, literature and art communication. Vice president Yang replied that NCEPU had many interests in the projects Suez Canal University proposed and suggested that we achieve this objective in two stages. We should first set up several professional courses, and then develop them into mature cooperation programs gradually.


    This visit will further promote the close communication between the two universities and elevate their future development to a new level and height.

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