Students in advertising profession of our university won silver medal in 2008 ONE SHOW youth creativity competition

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As reported by the advertising teaching and researching section of School of Humanities:under the professional guidance of the teacher Chen Bo, the group consisting of Chen Jianlong, Hu Yang, Ren Rusong, Ai Jiangtao won student-group TV advertising silver medal in 2008 one show youth creativity competition by virtue of television advertising works "Nokia cell phone gps-table tennis and tennis". It is reported that this is the first time for our university to win a prize in one show youth creativity competition, and it is also the highest award received by colleges and universities in Beijing area, which is also the only awards Beijing has won.  "One show" youth creativity competition is the highest competition at the university level competitions, the prize won in this competition is the highest prize student advertising competition the students of our university have gained, marking a new level of the running strength and the students qualification of the advertising.

    In recent years, advertising professional school began to organize students to participate in all types of advertising art design competition. The competitions they have participated are the Global Chinese-spoken area Gold calf college students Award advertisements Competition, Chinese College Students Art Festival Academy Award advertisements, the advertisements of the National Students Art Competition, and one show youth creativity competition. So far, students are awarded for each game. In this year´s 17th Annual Global Chinese-spoken area Gold calf college students Award advertisements in the competition, 7 students from advertising professionals were nominated and selected works. In May this year, 9 students won prizes, among which 2 of them received bronze medal in the 2007 National College Advertising Art Competition. The outstanding performance of the students from the Advertising professional in competitions not only won honor for our university, but also encouraged all teachers and students of the profession. Winning prize in the 2008 one show youth creativity competition is a successful close this year, which also stimulated students’ enthusiasm for the game in the future.

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