President Liu Met with Heads of China Huaneng Corporation

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President Liu Jizhen of NCEPU met with general manager Cao Peixi and secretary of the committee of CPC Huang Yongda from China Huaneng Corporation at the International Communication Center on Nov. 3rd, 2008. Deputy secretary of NCEPU committee of CPC Li Shuangchen, vice president Yang Yongping, president assistant Sun Zhongquan, general office director of China Huaneng Corporation Du Daming, HR director He Yafei and director of training sector Hong Jun attended this meeting.




    General manager Cao congratulated NCEPU on its 50th anniversary and reviewed the origin of the cooperation between Huaneng and NCEPU. Cao said, as the top university in electric power systems in China, NCEPU had made substantial contributions to the development of energy and electric power industries in China. Via talent cultivation in particular, NCEPU had supported the development of all sectors in electric power industry, bringing even more benefits for Huaneng with many graduates from NCEPU who had now become the backbone of Huaneng.


    Upon arrival, Cao said, he found that NCEPU showed a surprisingly proactive developing trend, realizing the blueprint. As a person in electric power circle, he took sincere pride in the development of NCEPU. Taking the 50th anniversary as an opportunity, he would like to extend his heartfelt gratitude and congratulation to NCEPU for supporting, assisting and caring for Huaneng during the past few years, especially in talent supporting.


    As a rather large corporate in the power industry in China, it’s a bounden duty for Huaneng to support NCEPU’s development —— a shared dream among all the staff and people in the electric power circle as well. Huaneng earnestly hopes that NCEPU will consistently achieve new successes and achievements under the guidance of NCEPU committee of CPC and school leads.



    Secretary Huang said, as a representative at the first meeting of the first board directors of NCEPU, he had known about NCEPU’s development. It’s true that the prospective blueprint planned then has come true. Nowadays, NCEPU has become one of the “211 project” key universities under the Ministry of Education. Huaneng Corporation is truly glad to see the fast-speed development of NCEPU and wishes NCEPU can reach a greater height on in the future.




    President Liu briefed the development of NCEPU, especially the current university-corporation cooperation and discipline setting. President Liu said, since China Huaneng Corporation is a member of the board of directors of NCEPU with general manager Cao as the deputy chairperson, NCEPU and China Huaneng Corporation are closely related in all aspects.


    A close relation exists between university and corporation from the perspective of both historical source and future development, the intersections of which are technology and talent. Advanced technologies and talents are indispensible for the development of a corporation, which is also true of university. More importantly, schools should make more use of the obvious vantages in talent cultivation, technology advancement, intellectual innovation and especially in fundamental application and significant technology breakthroughs.


    One of the important promoting factors for the development of NCEPU in the past few years is sticking to university-corporation cooperation for the sake of prosperity, which was given high remarks in the higher education system in China. As deputy minister of Ministry of Education Yuan Guiren once said that it’s rare to see a university with such profound and strong support from corporations. After becoming a university directly under the Ministry of Education, NCEPU, instead of standing off electric power companies, has got closer with them, hoping to carry out more extensive cooperation in fields like staff training, scientific and technological, research and development.


    Another promoting factor for the development of NCEPU is the persistence on development with characteristics. To adapt to the change in national energy development structure and proactively build an “extensive electric power” disciplinary system, NCEPU has established the discipline of sanctified wind power, which is the first in China. 2003 witnessed the establishment of nuclear power major, followed by renewable energy school and nuclear science and engineering school. NCEPU is dedicated to the research of saving energy and reducing emissions. Recently, professor Yang Yongping, as a chief scientist, received sponsor from “973 project” for his “fundamental study on energy-saving in heavy coal generating units”, which was a new progress and accumulation in building a research-oriented university. At the same time, we’ve been carrying forward our characteristics in talent cultivation as “focus on solid foundation, practice and ability”, fostering “2+2” high level talents jointly with French and British universities and colleges. It is the very responsibility and function of electric power education to collect, educate and transmit talents who are dedicated to serving China’s electric power industry, which bears profound significance in either building a renown high level university with characteristics or the development of China’s electric power industry.




    Later on, general manager Cao and secretary Huang, accompanied by president Liu, deputy secretary Li and vice president Yang and president assistant Sun, paid a visit to key labs and research bases, (including the electric power system protection and dynamic security monitoring key lab of Ministry of Education, power station equipment monitoring and controlling key lab of Ministry of Education, high voltage and electromagnetism compatible key lab of Beijing) and heard relevant briefings from researchers. 

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