Professor Huang Huaguo from Cal Poly Pomona Visited NCEPU

Publishing time:2008-11-22    Viewer:

From November 2 to 6, Huang Huaguo, tenured professor from California Polytechnic State University (Pomona), paid an academic visit to NCEPU.


    During his stay here, Professor Huang rendered two reports (including “Signal Processing and Modern Communication Technique” and “array processing application”) to post-graduates from Information and Electronics Department and students from the Control Science & Engineering School, expounded in depth the “high technology, great risk and good return” in the communication field, summarized the qualification of a successful engineer, and discuss with students in NCEPU about the topic selection of post-graduates and the admission of post-graduates to American colleges. In addition, Professor Huang also exchanged academic experience with Zhu Yongli, dean of the Computer Science and Technology School.


    As an IEEE member, an expert specializing in signal processing of radar communication, a part-time professor in Zhejiang University and a part-time worker of Aerospace, Professor Huang has wide cooperation with relevant industries, has attended many international academic conferences, has published over 100 theses, and maintains stable cooperation with many universities.

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