President Li Jizhen met with Party Secretary and Deputy General Manager of China Guodian Corporation Qiao Baoping

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November, 3rd morning, President Liu Jizhen met Qiao Baoping, Party Secretary and Deputy General Manager of China Guodian Corporation, and his team members in the International Communication Center of NCEPU. Along with them were also Vice President Li Heming, Assistant President Sun Zhongquan of NCEPU and HR Deputy Director Chen Naizhuo of China Guodian Corporation.

    President Liu first extended his warm welcome to Secretary Qiao and then introduced the current development of NCEPU. President Liu also expressed his sincere gratitude to leaders and workers of China Guodian Corporation for their support to the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the university. NCEPU is a National Key Universitiy under the Ministry of Education and the University Board constituted by 7 large electric power corporations. Campus and enterprise cooperation has been playing an important role in the development of this university, said President Liu, we have received support and assistance from China Guodian Corporation on various aspects. He is looking forward to seeing extent and close cooperation in other fields such as talent cultivation and pushing campus enterprise cooperation to a new stage.

    Secretary Qiao expressed his congratulations on the 50th anniversary of NCEPU and his gratitude for the support and cooperation NCEPU has given to the company. NCEPU is the cradle of talents on electric power, said Secretary Qiao. The company depends a lot on NCEPU since most of its technical staff graduated from this university. So far, five electric power corporations have established training base in Beijing. China Guodian Corporation is not in the case. NCEPU provides the most advanced, resourceful and effective training for electric power corporations. That is the reason why we hold classes annually in this university. We hope NCEPU will be the real training base of China Guodian Corporation.

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