The Second NCEPU Alumni Conference Held in Baoding

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In the afternoon of October 25, a day when all NCEPU people were celebrating the 50th anniversary of the university, the second NCEPU Alumni conference was held in the first conference room in reception center of Baoding campus. Alumni from home and abroad got together and shared their thoughts on NCEPU’s future. Wu Zhigong, Liu Jizhen, Shi Yubo, Shen Guorong, Wang Yonggan, Zhang Chengjie, Zhang Liying and Mao Xun took the rostrum. About 200 people from the university leadership, alumni and various department of the university were present.


    On behalf of the university, Communist Party Secretary Wu Zhigong extended his sincere gratitude and warm welcome to all the alumni who spared no pain to attend the meeting. He said that alumni not only represent the schooling but also embodies the spirit and image of a university. NCEPU had always put the alumni affair to a high position, thus, it is of great importance for us to care about our alumni and to promote co-development between them and NCEPU. As a link between alumni and the alma mater, the alumni association communicates with alumni from home and abroad, deepens their relationship with the alma mater and strengthens the cohesiveness within the group, making it a practical home for NCEPU alumni. With a caring and supporting heart for the development of NCEPU, our alumni have made great contribution in enhancing teaching quality, transforming research achievements into productive force, deepening industry, academy and research cooperation and helping graduates finding jobs.


    Secretary Wu emphasized that managing alumni association is a fundamental, long-term and strategic task of the school which needs not only superior attention and support from the school but also ardent interest and participation from all our alumni. He hoped that the alumni representatives from different regions who are also organizers and active participators of the alumni work could talk openly and freely to give their advices on better developing the school and managing the alumni association, work together to bring the alumni work to a new stage and make joint efforts in building NCEPU into high-level university. The 50th anniversary is a new milestone in a long journey and also a starting point for pioneering innovation and greater achievement. He concluded his speech by hoping that all our alumni, faculty and students make concerted efforts to bring NCEPU a bright future.

    Chu Jingchun, Director of the alumni affair office made a report on Spreading NCEPU spirit, Promoting NCEPU development and Creating NCEPU Brilliance which was reviewed by the representatives. The report made a summary of the work done by the general alumni association in the past 5 years from 5 perspectives and suggested that the second board of directors should pay special attention to 3 respects. Achievements of the general alumni association are: first, establishment of provincial alumni associations; second, an ever completing alumni association system; third, initial establishment of the alumni liaison platform; fourth, colorful alumni activities, fifth, active contribution made to the school by alumni. The second board of directors should pay keen attention to the following three aspects: first, strengthen the organization and construction of regional alumni associations and promote the improvement of activity mechanism. It is suggested that the regional alumni associations should establish a mechanism for annual meeting and personnel change of the board to make alumni activities systematized. Second, lead alumni associations to organize more meaningful activities. Third, enhance liaison and communication and build a wider cooperation platform. We should take into consideration the regional characteristics, national conditions and world context to carry out alumni work, build a wider cooperation platform and promote all-round development for our alumni and the university.

    The conference went on in a warm atmosphere. In accordance with the charter of the general alumni association, based on an extensive consultancy from alumni, the representatives had a serious discussion and approved the drafted second board of directors. President Liu Jizhen was elected the chairman and vice president Li Heming the standing vice chairman. Shi Yubo, vice chairman of State Electricity Regulatory Commission, Yang Qixun, professor of NCEPU and academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Shen Guorong, president of NARI-RELAYS and academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering were elected Honorary Chairman of the general alumni association.

    Wu Qing, a Hainan alumnus and other standing directors also addressed in the meeting. They talked about the changes that took place in the university, exchanged their working experience in alumni affairs, praised the achievements made by the alumni association and provided constructive advices on the future task of the association and on making NCEPU a high-level university.

    Wang Yonggan, General Secretary of China Electricity Council and Chairman of Beijing alumni association said it was a correct decision to celebrate the 50th anniversary of NCEPU in this splendid autumn when so many maple leaves are turning red. In the past 50 years, the school went through twists and turns, developed through pioneering efforts and achieved historical breakthroughs from time to time. A constant principle the school observes is to spread Chinese traditional culture and modern civilization, impart moral, virtual and scientific knowledge, build a modern university that always seeks to realize breakthroughs, serves national economy and takes a leading position in electric power industry and cultivate talents who are willing to work for the rejuvenation of China, welfare of the people, prosperity of Chinese economy and the development of the electric power industry. The 21st century provides us with both challenges and opportunities. Wish NCEPU could begin at a historical starting point, challenge the new century, realize new development, achieve new breakthrough and create a brighter future.

    Honorary chairman of the general alumni association Shi Yubo began his speech by praising the satisfactory alumni work done by the NCEPU. He said that it was an exciting moment to witness the 50th anniversary celebration in the National Indoor Stadium in the morning. In recent years, the university has made new progress on the infrastructure construction, quality education, science and research and international exchange of which all alumni feel very proud. He hoped that the new board could continue to work in this manner and that all alumni could support the development and construction of the school. No autumn fruits without spring blossom. The 50th anniversary is the fruit of 50 years’ hard working. Wish NCEPU continue to put people first in its development and a brighter future.


    Liu Jizhen, Chairman of the second alumni association board gave a speech themed on Cultivating Alumni Culture and Promoting Co-development between Alumni and the School. He first thanked those who trust him and elect him the chairman again. He said: “it is a memorable and cheerful day today because right after the celebration of 50th anniversary of NCEPU in the National Indoor Stadium, alumni from home and abroad get together and commence the second alumni representative meeting which is also the grandest alumni meeting since its establishment in 2003. The 50th anniversary is also the festival of all NCEPU alumni. Without the efforts and wisdom of all NCEPU alumni, faculty and students, there couldn’t have been a glorious celebration like day. We are now at key time for development. We should inherit the past and at the same time forge into the future, which requires present faculty and students to love the school, work hard and pursue excellence and all alumni to work jointly to make contribution in building the school into a high-level university.”

    Liu Jizhen said that a university should consist of three parts: students, faculty and alumni. Alumni take the biggest proportion and are an ever-growing special group. They also constitute the main force for setting up brand and spreading spirit of the university. By obtaining achievements in their own work, alumni not only contribute to the prosperity and rejuvenation of China but also bring good name to the university, thus, themselves serve as the “brand resources” to introduce the school to the rest of the society. Their social, life and working experience as well as their enterprising spirit become the “spiritual resource” to teach present students. Their criticism and advices on the talents cultivation pattern build up a “think tank” to improve education and teaching reform of the school. Alumni take part in various social activities which can promote communication and cooperation between the school and the society and make NCEPU more society-oriented. In this sense, they are the “Connection resources” of the university. At the same time, they reciprocate with capital, wisdom and technology, constituting indispensable “capital resources” of the university. Alumni are vivid carriers of the university spirit and invaluable treasure for the sustainable development of the university.


    Liu Jizhen mentioned that our alumni had always been involved in the university affairs in either a direct or an indirect manner to help better developing the university. They showed their encouragement and support at each improvement of the university, which in return, inbreathe the university with more confidence and momentum to advance. They gave their suggestions and helping hands whenever the university encountered with difficulties. Our alumni provided the school with not only material help but also spiritual encouragement which contributed a lot in enhancing then university’s reputation and influence.

    He holds that a top-class university could not exist without top-class alumni. The achievements and reputation gained by our alumni is an important index of their alma mater’s schooling level. In the same sense, to support and help our alumni becomes an important part of the university’s development. We carry out alumni work in accordance with the following 3 principles: what we do should be favorable for promoting the development of alumni, the development of the enterprise in which the alumni work and the local economy and the development of the school. The school should work as a strong backing for the development of alumni course. Alumni could reciprocate the school by donating money or achieving great success in their work and making contribution to the country. In a long-term perspective, the latter is more important.

    When it came to the theme of alumni work, Liu Jizhen said that all prestigious universities in the world highly value the alumni culture by making it an important part of the campus culture as well as its extension and widening outside the campus. Thus, there is no doubt that “cultivating alumni culture” will be the theme of our future alumni work. We should keeping on organizing various creative alumni activities and showing our concern to the construction of alumni association and the development of our alumni themselves to create fine NCEPU alumni culture.

    Liu Jizhen stressed that the first step to develop alumni culture is to teach our students to love the school and increase their awareness of being alumni tomorrow. Treating students well today is winning tomorrow’s alumni. Rooted in alma mater, the alumni culture serves as a tie linking all NCEPU alumni. Cultivating healthy and positive alumni culture is an essential way to pass on NCEPU spirit, broaden its influence, enhance its cohesiveness and promote development of the school and alumni. It will be a glorious but arduous task for the new board to cultivate alumni culture and promote co-development between alumni and the school. We will spare no effort to bring new progress to the alumni culture.

    He said ardently: “as for us, who still work on campus, we feel most encouraging and cheerful to see our alumni achieve success, just like a mother who wishes most to see her child make progress. Here, I’d like to take this glorious hour to wish more NCEPU alumni will take the leading position in their field in the next five or ten years. That will be the greatest contribution we make to the society.”

    Our schooling level has been improved in recent years. For example, the first pass rate of CET in this year reached 88% which is higher than the average rate by more than 20 percent. This figure shows that we are ranking into the top universities of the country. We hope more NCEPU alumni will take the top and leading position in their fields so that more people will get to know NCEPU. In that case, NCEPU will undoubtedly become a prestigious university throughout China and the whole world. This is the common wish that we share with all our alumni!


    Vice president Li Heming presided over the conference.

    The conference which carried the hope of hundreds of thousands alumni and shouldered the glorious mission of bringing alumni course a brighter future on a new starting point concluded in an warm and grand atmosphere at 19:00.

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