Completion Ceremony for Power Seminar of Syria

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On 12tnd March, completion ceremony for seminar on management of substation and power grid for Syria, a supporting program sponsored by Ministry of Commerce and organized by NCEPU (North China Electric Power University) was held. Hyinsam , counselor of Syrian Embassy in China, Xia Yungui, vice-bureau chief of International Economic Co-operation Bureau of Ministry of Commerce, Xu Yuanjie , deputy secretary of Human Resources Development Office of Foreign Aid Department, Wang Mei Ying , deputy commissioner of Hebei Provincial Department of Commerce and Liu Jizhen , our President attended the ceremony. Professor Liu Jianxin, director of Seminar management centre, presided over the ceremony.


    At the very beginning, President Liu Jizhen congratulated fifteen trainees from Syria on their satisfactory completion of study. He said “Under the strategic arrangement of Chinese and Syrian governments and with the guidance and support of Ministry of Commerce and Hebei Provincial Department of Commerce and the efforts of all our teachers, management staff and trainees, the three-month seminar on management of substation and power grid for Syria concluded with complete success. During this seminar, not only our teaching and research advantages have been brought into full play, but also the technical requirements of trainees are met. The seminar also gained recognition among major power enterprises and turned out to be a great success.” “During the seminar, we strictly performed our duties through meticulously designed syllabus, reasonable arranged teaching schedule and efforts of our entire faculty to guarantee its smooth progress. Fifteen Syrian students studied with serious attitudes, completed the training successfully, and forged a profound friendship in this process”, he added. Finally, he expressed the hope that all the students, as NCEPU alumni, can make efforts in Sino-Syrian friendly exchanges and construct a bridge for Sino-Syrian cooperation in the energy field.

    Xia Yungui, vice- bureau chief and Wang Meiying, deputy commissioner expressed their appreciations for the efforts we made. They pointed out that NCEPU was a prestigious university with a long history and tradition. With the complete success of this seminar, NCEPU had made great contribution to the development of Sino-Syrian friendship. They hoped that all the trainees can go home and then apply the power technology learned in the training with the national conditions to promote their national power development and bring benefit to their own people. With the efforts of trainees, communication and cooperation between Syria and China can be further expanded.

    On behalf of the trainees, Adan said that the seminar was really informative and practical. He cherished every great moment he enjoyed here and appreciate the efforts made by the university to perfect every detail. He expressed the wish to bring the precious home-like feeling back to Syria and make his own contribution to maintain close ties between Syria and China.


    At the end of the ceremony, Mr. Liu Jizhen (president of NCEPU) and Xia Yungui (deputy director) awarded certificates and souvenirs to all the trainees.

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