“Energy and Climate Change” Seminar of Renewable Energy and Environment Cooperation Project Held in NCEPU

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From Mar.3 to Mar.4, the Sino-Sweden Energy and Climate Change Seminar of Renewable Energy and Environment cooperation project sponsored by Chinese Academy of Engineering and Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences was held in the multi-functional hall of NCEPU (North China Electric Power University).



    Participants of this seminar are:Du Xiangwan(vice president and academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering), Ding Yihui (academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering), Nineteen foreign experts and scholars including Prof. Lars Gunnar Eric Larsson (head of Sweden delegation from Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences), Prof. Chen Deliang from Gotesborg University, Prof. Hans Gustaf Lundberg from Swedish Environmental Research Institute, Prof. Per Hakan Alvfors from Royal Institute of Technology, Liu Jizhen (president of NCEPU) and vice-president Yang Yongping etc.





    On behalf of Chinese Academy of Engineering and NCEPU, vice president of CAE Du Xiangwan and president of NCEPU Liu Jizhen delivered speeches to extend warm welcome to the participants and express their sincere appreciation to the audience. They also wished the conference a great success.





    On the seminar from Mar.3 to the morning of March,4, academician Du Xiangwan delivered a report on “Energy and Environment Review of China in 2007”, Prof. Lars Larsson made a speech on “A Model Example of Energy Production International Cooperation”, Prof. Hans Lundberg gave a speech on “A Prospect towards Sustainable Development Cities from the Perspective of Climate Change”, Prof. Chen Deliang gave a lecture on “The Need and Uncertainty of the Climate Change Forms” and Prof. Jinyue Yan delivered a report on “ Acquisition and Storage of Biological Energy System and Carbon Dioxide Integration”.

    Academician Ding Yihui delivered a speech on “A Supervision Direction---- Air Pollution and Climate Change in China”. Prof. Leif Klemedtsson made a talk on “The N2O Emission in Biological Energy Production”. Prof. Li Shizhong gave a speech on “Reducing Global Warming and Developing Biological Energy – China has been taking actions).”Moreover, Prof, Erik Dahlquist, Prof. Shaojun Xiong, Dr. Luo Haofu, Dr. Marika Murto, Prof. Fang Mengxiang and Dr. Frank Fiedler delivered speeches respectively on research areas of “an area keeping away from fossil fuels”, “energy crops”, “clean energy”, “new technology in processing methane gas”, “ (efficient usage of clean energy”, “solar houses”, etc. Through 19 reports, experts of China and Sweden have held an extensive and in-depth exchange views in the field of “energy and climate change”.

    On the afternoon of Mar.4, at the round-table conference hosted by Academician DingYihui and Prof. Lars Larsson, Sino-Sweden experts and scholars discussed issues in the field of energy, environmental changes and energy efficiency. Afterward, all participants watched performances organized by our students in the evening. On Mar.5, the Sweden delegation left Beijing to Shanghai for a technical visit.

    The Sweden Delegation arrived at Beijing and stayed at Long Palace on Mar.2. Since 2004, CAE has started the “Sino-Sweden Renewable Energy and Environment Cooperation Project” with the world-oldest engineering academy –Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences. The academy once sent a delegation to Beijing for the “Environment Seminar” of this project from May 22nd to 23rd, 2007. Prof. Erland Kallén of Stockholm University, academician of Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences was the head of the delegation. Per Storm, the vice president of Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences ,also came to the seminar with the delegation. In that seminar, Vice President of CAE made a keynote speech “ Energy Related Environmental Problems and Countermeasures in China” ,then 15 Professors from SRE gave reports respectively. Academicians Yanyi, HaoJiming, DingYihui from CES and Prof. Chen Jining from Tinghua University and Prof. Hu Min from Peking University also gave reports. Experts from Sweden and China exchanged opinions on the cooperation of environmental fields. After the conference, they confirmed the cooperation focus and frame of next stage in areas of environmental engineering, energy and climate changes.

    This seminar held in NCEPU enriched Sino-Sweden cooperation projects and further extended the focus of cooperation to climate change area. Experts of both parties reach the consensus that the implementation of this project should be further developed and yielding substantial results on the basis of extensive exchanges.





    Pro.Li Zheng, Prof. Li Shizhong, assistant Prof. Zhang Yanguo, Dr. Meng Aihong from Tinghua University, Pro. Yu Lijun, Prof. Weng Yiwu, Prof. Yu Yuefeng from Shanghai communication University, Prof. Shi Guiyang from Jiang Nan University, general manager of Guangxi Sheng Zhou Environmental Protection Industry Co; LTD Dr, Luo Haofu,  Executive Vice Director of our International Cooperation Center Liu Yingqian, Vice Director Duan Chunming, Dean of Energy and Power School Xu Hong, Vice Dean Liu Yibing and Prof. Gu Yujiong, Fu Zhongguang, Du Xiaoze,Liu  Shi, Zhang Huayong, Li Yu and Assistant Prof. Deng Changqing, Wang Shengping and Dr. Zhang Wei, Li Wei and Tang Zhenwu, Vice Dean of Renewable Energy School Tian De all participated in the discussion. In addition, more than 100 students and teachers from Institute of Modern Power Research, Energy and Power Engineering School and Renewable Energy School presented the seminar.

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