Closing of the 2nd Session of the 5th Faculty Congress of NCEPU

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    On February 23, the closing ceremony of the 2nd Session of the 5th Faculty Congress of NCEPU was held in the auditoria of Baoding Campus. The leaders, Wu Zhigong, Liu Jizhen, Zhang Jinhui, An Liansuo, Li Heming, Lei Yingqi, Li Chengrong, Li Shuangchen, Yang Yongping, Sun Pingsheng, and 327 representatives participated in the closing ceremony, which was presided over by An Liansuo.




    The secretary of the Party committee, Wu Zhigong delivered the closing speech. He said: the 50th anniversary of our university is approaching. As the all sorts of construction in the 11th five-year period are progressing, we need to summarize the schooling experience of the 50 years, continue to stick to the guiding principle of “Building the school upon the basis of academic subjects, Strengthening the school with personnel, Prospering the school in scientific research, Seeking for characterized development” and commit to the objective of constructing a high level university. Therefore, he hoped that all the NCEPU students and faculties carefully study the 17th Party Congress Spirit, the “Strengthening the Nation with HR” and “Strengthening the Nation with High Education” Spirit raised in the 18th Meeting of the Working Consulting Committee of Universities directly under the Ministry of Education, and the “Improving the nurture of elites and the ranks of teachers” Spirit raised in the 16th Party Building Work Meeting of the universities of the country, so as to realize the situation and clarify the thought, seek for breakthrough to promote comprehensive improvement, accelerate the construction of a high level university; to stick to and improve the system of faculty congress and elaborate the positive effects of faculty congress in democratic policy-making, democratic supervision, democratic administration & etc., and elevate the comprehensive administrative level of the university; to prepare the specific measures following the spirit of this session and implement the tasks that are planned in the session to promote the comprehensive development of education, scientific research, administration, services and other tasks, so as to celebrate the 50 anniversary with an excellent achievement.



    After thorough discussion by all the representatives, the Congress passed the Resolution of the 2nd Session of the 5th Faculty Congress of NCEPU. The Resolution holds the opinion that, the work report prepared by President Liu Jizhen, has reasonably summarized the achievements and problems in all tasks in last year, and also analyzed the situation that the university has to confront with, and clarified the main tasks in the year of 2008. We shall further deepen the reform of the system of personnel affairs, improve the development of talent people and the educational quality, and enhance the scientific and technological innovation ability. The report offered us the direction to accomplish all sorts of tasks, and became the guideline for our reform and development in the coming period. The Congress affirmed the Financial Work Report of the university and the Proposal Work Report of the 2nd Session of the 5th Faculty Congress of NCEPU. The Congress carefully analyzed and discussed the work report of the development of ranks of teaching staff, and requires relevant departments to deeply implement the spirit of Opinions regarding the Strengthening of Development of Ranks of Teaching Staff, push forward the internationalizing, engineering and doctor-ranking of the teaching staff, and practically settle the tasks of high-level personnel introduction and talent nurture so as to fulfill the talents of current personnel, introduce badly needed talents and nurture personnel for the future, and build up the ranks of teaching staff with a high starting point and at a high level.




    Prior to this, the representative groups had studied and discussed the President Work Report, Financial Work Report, Proposal Work Report and the Work Report of the Development of Ranks of Teaching Staff in groups in this session. The representatives drew on collective wisdom and absorbed all useful ideas, and took advantages of democratic policy-making, democratic supervision and democratic administration to the full extent.

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