State Councilor Ms. Chen Zhili paid an inspection visit to NCEPU and conveyed greetings to the students and faculties

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On the afternoon of January 28, 2008, the State Councilor Ms. Chen Zhili paid an inspection visit to the NCEPU and conveyed her greetings to the student and the faculties, in company with Mr. Zhou Ji, the Minister of Education, Mr. Xiang Zhaolun, the Assistant Secretary General of the State Council, Mr. Zhu Shanlu, the member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Beijing Committee and secretary of the Educational Work Committee of CPC Beijing Committee, Mr. Wu Zhigong, the secretary of CPC Committee of NCEPU, Mr. Liu Jizhen, the President of NCEPU, and other members of the working party.



    State Councilor Chen Zhili inspected the NCEPU Electric Power System Protection & Dynamic Security Monitoring key lab of Ministry of Education and the Stimulation Education Center, and visited the student dormitory.





    In the Electric Power System Protection & Dynamic Security Monitoring key laboratory of Ministry of Education, Mr. Yang Qixun, the academician and founder of microcomputer relay protection in our country, introduced the significance of the key lab upon complicated electric power grid protection and its main research directions. This key lab is advanced in the research on complicated power grid protection in our country, and has obtained outstanding achievements in large power grid dynamic security monitoring and protection. It has developed a series of advanced technology and products of power grid protection, including the protection apparatus for super-high voltage 750kv power grid in our country.





    The lab is advanced in the research on electric power equipments safe operation in our country. In conjunction with Beijing Electric Power Corporation, it developed the electric cable breakdown monitoring system which will contribute to the safe power supply to Beijing City and the Olympic Games. It took part in the research tasks of national extra-high voltage power transmission, and its research on extra high voltage electromagnetic compatibility and electrical wire coronal property is fruitful, and offered important guideline for the design and construction of the extra high voltage power grid. Pertaining to the problem of ice cover of the power grid all over the country, the lab is engaged in the research of nano material ice-cover-proof coating layer in pursuit of solutions to the troubles in ice cover.





    Chen Zhili, the State Councilor, affirmed the tasks of the lab and the achievements obtained, and is very much concerned about the key scientific and technological issues in the electric power industry in our country, and encouraged the research personnel to make persistent efforts to achieve more fruits.

    In recent years, NCEPU, following the requirements of national energy strategic development, commits to the construction of a greater electric power discipline system based on conventional advantageous disciplines, focusing on new energy disciplines and backed up by the disciplines of science and art. NCEPU actively develops the disciplines of renewable energy sources and new energy sources by establishing the first Renewable Energy Source School in our country and building up the Nuclear Science and Engineering School. In conjunction with large-scale state-owned electric power enterprises, it established personnel nurture cooperation platform in the “3+1” pattern by means of which we select and send junior students abroad for united education and we have developed a number of talents in nuclear electric power technology. State Councilor Chen Zhili showed great interest in the discipline construction and talent development pattern of NCEPU pursuant to the global energy development trend, and meanwhile she stressed that we need to emphasize upon the demand of nuclear electric power development in the future, and be dedicated to the research on the 3rd generation nuclear electric power and talent development.





    State Councilor Chen Zhili visited the student dormitory and expressed her greetings to the students who stayed on campus in winter vacation. She carefully inquired the status of study and life on campus, especially the implementation of scholarship, educational grant and national educational loans with the students. The students replied that the national scholarship drastically increased, it was an incentive and helped with the study and life of the students. She became satisfied hearing this, and encouraged the students to work hard for accomplishment of the study. She wrote an inscription: “Wish the Students a Happy New Year and hope you all well!” and she took photo with the students.

    When leaving, she shook hands with the students and the faculties, and rendered her new year greetings. The faculties and the students were excited and exchanged greetings with State Councilor Chen Zhili.

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