Cao Jianlin, vice minister of Ministry of Science and Technology researching in our university stressed: technology should soundly and rapidly support economic development

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The breeze whipped gently, and colorful flowers and fresh grass dotted the garden. On the morning of October 17 , the party group member, the vice minister of Ministry of Science and Technology, Cao Jian Lin and his entourage accompanied by Hebei Province CPPCC Vice Chairman Liu Jianshen, Baoding City Vice Mayor Jia-Xin, and other provincial and municipal leaders came to my school to conduct research on Baoding campus. Our school leadership Wu Gong, Liu Ji-zhen, Zhang Jin-hui, Li Heming, Yang Yong, combined the situation of our school, made a report to the leadership of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and accompanied the visit.




    Vice minister, Cao Jian Lin said that at present it was the time that the 17th CPCC National Congress was hold. In order to meet the CPCC National Congress, prompt the national scientific and technological development, the Ministry of Science and Technology had launched large-scale research activities in science and technology led by the leadership of the Department. The research subject which he obliged in was how technology supports the local economy developed well and fast. To that end, he hopes the school can grasp the opportunity to make a really promotion of the local economy; he also hopes that the school can combine the scientific research problems encountered in the forefront to contribute new ideas and suggestions to the development of science and technology.




    The university principal Liu jizhen made a report on the work of science and technology industries. He pointed out that, over the years, along with the road of creating distinctive featured multidisciplinary, research-based, international level University, our university has made remarkable achievements in scientific research industry, especially in the computer protection of power system ,simulation technology , the power plant thermal power engineering and automation, information technology, and other areas, and creates considerable economic and social benefits. Since the"10th Five-Year Plan, our school have been keeping up with the national trend in the development of energy power, putting forward that making advanced subjects as the basis, focusing on new energy disciplines, making the arts and science disciplines as support to full build scientific developing plan of "big power" subject system. On this basis, we have opened the first domestic wind power major, established the first domestic renewable energy College, which develop rapidly in the academic field of the environment, nuclear energy, hydropower, solar, biomass and so on. At present, we are aimed at the research work of the "national leading" projects, and actively participate in the building of a national innovation system. We have made gratifying achievements in the “863" and "973" projects and the research of Natural Science Foundation project.

    Principal Liu said that the school attach great importance to scientific research team building, and take full advantage of the platform, strengthening the cooperation with power enterprises and scientific research units, continuously upgrading the level of scientific research, and enhance the service capacity for local economic. Such as schools continuously strengthen the cooperation with Baoding government, and has played a positive role in creating the "China power Valley". Principal Liu said the future Huadian will, as always, pay attention to and support the local economy, and we will still make use of our characteristic advantages, accelerate the development of scientific and technological work, and promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, to make even greater contributions to the development of local economy.



    Later, the vice minister and his entourage also visited the industrial process and simulation laboratory. After listening to the report of the people who is in charge of the laboratory, Deputy Minister Cao pointed out that if the university wanted to apply for key national laboratories, it must find the direction of scientific research, concentrate researching forces aim at the national major research projects, strengthen core technology research and development, form a stronger R & D capability, and continuously upgrade the level of laboratory based on existing scientific research.


    There are still other leaders who came to our university to conduct the research: the Ministry of Science and Technology also recorded high Secretary Feng Jichun, deputy director of plans Qin Yong, deputy director Zhang Zhihong, and vice director of strategic Zhou yuan, deputy director of the Torch Center satellite, a high-tech Chen Zhi-Min , deputy director of the Center of Science and Technology, and other leaders, Li Jing, deputy secretary general of the government of Hebei Province, the provincial deputy secretary general of the CPPCC Jia Hai Ming, deputy director of the Office of Science and Technology of Mu Tiexue, deputy director of the Office of Science and Technology LianXiaoyong, deputy provincial leading group for science and education director of the CPPCC National Committee and Vice-Chairman Li Xin and WANG Xu - bo, and other provincial and municipal leaders.

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