LIU Zongde scientific research team was selected into the Ministry of Education innovative team

Publishing time:2008-03-06    Viewer:

 It is learned recently from the Ministry of Education that "Power Plant Equipment Condition Monitoring and Failure Prevention" led by our Professor LIU Zong - de was selected into the Ministry of Education 2008 annual "Yangtze River Scholar and innovative team development plan". Now, our university has had two Ministry of Education innovative teams.

    In order to train a contingent of university teachers with high-quality and high-level, promote the implementation of the strategy that human resources make a school stronger, the Ministry of Education decided to implement the "high-level creative professionals" from 2004 to bring an overall improvement of the university teachers. The program includes three levels of personnel training supporting system: the first level of "Yangtze scholars and innovative team development program" aimed at attracting, selecting and making a large number of subject leaders with international leading level, to form a number of outstanding innovation team; second level of the "new century talents Support Program" aims to cultivate and support a number of outstanding academic leaders with solid academic foundation, outstanding innovation capability and development potential; third level of "youth backbone Teacher Training Scheme" focus on training tens of thousands of young backbone teachers, to upgrade the overall quality of teachers, which mainly organized and implemented by the colleges and universities.

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