The application of our university for establishing the Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education has been ratified for the first time

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Recently, Ministry of Education issued "the notice on the issue of 2007 annual the Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education project ", which ratified our application for establishing the Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education in the area of Energy Saving. This is the first time we have been allowed to establish the Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education project.


    Energy-saving power engineering research center of the Ministry of Education is on the basis of integrating the existing scientific and technological resources of Energy and Power Engineering Institute, Electrical and Electronic Engineering Institute, on the links from the thermal power, power supply to the electrical distribution system, focusing on China urgent demand for energy-saving technology, using school distinctive characteristics of the power industry background, taking the advantages of combination of "industry, academia, research," through the condition establishment of  research development and technology transformation to build an platform facing technology engineering capacity of energy-saving power , and establish a perfect technology continued innovation, technological transformation and industry-oriented technical services system and a good operational mechanism, and to become a technology r&d and technical conversion base of energy-saving power with competitiveness both at home abroad.


    Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education is the technical innovation base of national innovation system (university), and also an important part of the "985" and "211 Project" technological innovation platform building. The Ministry of Education requires, in the course of engineering centers construction, we should insist on the purposes that focusing on the key technologies of industrial common to research and develop, speeding up scientific and technological achievements convention, and explore practical operational mechanism and management model and quantified assessment objectives, so that we can make a due contribution for the economic construction and social development. The construction period of Engineering Center is 2 years. It will be checked and accepted after the completion of construction. The Engineering Centers which have passed the acceptance will be formally given nameboards by the Ministry of Education. For outstanding engineering centers, the Ministry of Education will select the best works to recommend building the state engineering (technical) research centers or laboratories.

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