NCEPU Held an Online Commencement Ceremony for Graduates of 2020

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On July 3, the graduation ceremony of NCEPU (North China Electric Power University) for graduates of 2020 was broadcast live online. A total of 9432 graduates, together with their teachers, families and friends participated in the online commencement ceremony, the first in the history of NCEPU, and jointly witnessed the graduates entering a new life journey.


At 10 a.m., the graduation ceremony officially began. University officials Zhou Jian, Yang Yongping, He Hua, Hao Yingjie, Sun Zhongquan, Wang Zengping, Guo Xiaofeng and Bi Tianshu sang the national anthem with all the graduates. Vice President Sun Zhongquan presided over the ceremony.


Wang Zengping, vice president and vice chairman of the University Degree Evaluation Committee, read out The Decision on Awarding Degrees to Graduates of 2020 of NCEPU. The document decided to award doctorates to 172 students, academic master’s degrees to 1436 students, professional master’s degrees to 2387 students, and bachelor’s degrees to 5216 students.


Strong love for NCEPU made graduates reluctant to part. Everyone watched the theme video which extended graduates’ gratitude to their alma mater. Representatives of graduates and postgraduates spoke in succession. They looked back on the details of their life in NCEPU, expressed gratitude to teachers for their inculcation and wished NCEPU a better future.


President Yang Yongping delivered a speech titled Let the Power of Truth, Goodness and Beauty Fill the Life Journey. He pointed out that due to the Covid-19 pandemic this year’s graduation ceremony cannot but be held online. In spite of having this ceremony on campus or online, every graduate was a large tree grown up in the NCEPU forest; no matter in what positions NCEPUers flourish, the time of reunion after a long separation would surely come. NCEPU would try its best to make up for this regret of graduates of 2020 in other suitable ways in the future, so that the reunion of every NCEPUer would be more precious and meaningful.


A light show was staged in the west square of the main building of Beijing headquarters to see the graduates off. The blessings “Ample time is for you! A promising future is ahead of you! Happy graduation--NCEPUers!” dazzled in the fresh night sky after the rain.

This online commencement ceremony was widely reported on social media and was also broadcast live on Guangming Online APP, platform, Sina Weibo, TikTok, and Kuaishou. Preliminary statistics showed that nearly 900,000 people watched this live broadcast.


Translated by Zhang Yu

Proof-reader: Huangfu Wei

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