Opening Ceremony of NCEPU’s seventh Faculty Congress and ninth Trade Union Congress

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NCEPU’s seventh Faculty Congress and 9th Trade Union Congress was inaugurated on March 3rd at Beijing campus. Zhang Jin, the Chairman of Beijing Education Trade Union, and school leaders from NCEPU including Zhou Jian, Yang Yongping, He Hua, Li Shuangchen, Hao Yingjie, Sun Zhongquan, Wang Zengping, Guo Xiaofeng, Lv Fangcheng, Tan Qinliang presented the opening ceremony. Along with them were 288 official representatives and 14 specially-invited representatives. The ceremony was host by He Hua, the Deputy Party Secretary of NCEPU.


Agendas of the congress mainly includes: listening to and discussing the work report of the university; listening to and reviewing the work report of the sixth faculty congress and the eighth Committee of the trade union; listening to and discussing the financial reports of the university; reviewing and approving report on proposals of the faculty congress, financial reports of the trade union and work reports of the fund audit committee; reviewing and approving the annual work report of the Academic Committee of NCEPU; electing the 9th trade union committee and members of the ninth fund audit committee; approving the resolution of the special committee of the seventh Faculty Congress and the special committee of the Ninth Trade Union Committee.


Yang Yongping, the principal of NCEPU, gave the school work report entitled  Composing a New Chapter in the Construction of a High-level Research University while Overcoming all the Difficulties . He called on all the faculties and students of NCEPU to strengthen the conviction of building a high-level school with a spirit of working in earnest, focus on the new task of development while bearing in mind the key words of “implementation”, and make every effort to fulfil the task, which requires to better transform the planning into construction and focus more on the progress rather than the schedule of the university’s development. Only in this way, will the grand blueprint soon become a beautiful reality.


Li Shuangchen, the chairman of the trade union, gave a report on the work of the faculty congress and the trade union. He set forth the working plan of the university's faculty congress and trade union: Firstly, to strengthen the party's leadership by highlighting the ideological guidance, unite and mobilize the faculty and staff to follow the party's advice and keep pace with it; secondly, to affirm the theme of the times in trade union’s work, namely, to play a leading role in the construction of high-level research university; thirdly, to persist in developing the university rely on the faculty and promoting the construction of democracy; fourthly, to improve the quality of service and better protect the rights and meet the demands of the faculties; fifth, to deepen reform and innovation, and promote the union’s work to a new level with more practical measures.

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